...happy employees are more productive, more creative, and provide better client service. They’re less likely to quit or call in sick. What’s more, they act as brand ambassadors outside the office, spreading positive impressions of their company and attracting star performers to their team.”
-Dr. Ron Friedman, The Best Place to Work

Flywheel's approach is rooted in years of our own experience and supported by numerous resources about the impacts of a play and play-based company cultures. Take a look at some of the resources below to learn more:






This easily readable book offers an overview of play and provides a summary of current scientific research. There’s a great discussion in here of the need for adults to play and the impact of adult play on intelligence, creativity, innovation, productivity, and culture.

Many companies use management practices that go against the most up-to-date scientific findings on what motivates people. This book helps organizations create practices and contexts that use the most effective incentives for productivity.

How can we solve the current engagement crisis? Create workplaces that motivate employees by harnessing what is most important to them: making progress on meaningful work.