Flywheel works with small companies and teams to address communication, collaboration, and team dynamic issues.

If your organization is struggling to work together, we can help you create a culture that will sustain and energize your business as you grow. Here's how:

Understand the Problem

Through interviews with key stakeholders and team members, we help you identify both the symptoms and root causes of challenges in your workplace.


Customize Collaboration

Flywheel develops a customized workshop for your staff or leadership team, designed to help your team collaboratively address its challenges. Your team will define a vision for the future, and break that vision down into specific, practical, and sustainable actions you can take every day.


Refine over time

Unlike other companies, Flywheel takes an agile approach to cultural development, and is with you every step of the way. Following the initial workshop, we provide regularly scheduled check-ins to evaluate the practices your team has created, and help you refine and improve them.


report on your success

After your company reaches a new equilibrium, supported by practices that sustain your culture, Flywheel provides a report outlining your values, practices, analysis, and recommendations for the future.